Thursday, May 28, 2015


I cannot help but see you sleep
Lids and hands closed clean
Though your lashes and nails are colored otherwise

You have that carved hard bottom jaw
That brings cruel boys pride
And I promise all my ships will set sail from it at dawn

For you see I wear a black shirt torn much like yours
And I have a gold velvet pillow
That is small but full much like your thighs

I see the word RAMONES sewn to your elbow
(Did a dream of a girl tack it there?)
Regardless let us together reach for Rockaway Beach

For what a bullet we are in this moment
This train a beaten silver casing
And you and I alone such mighty propelling dust

You see it is precisely 2:22
Just YOU and I in the night
Just YOU and I in this night
Just YOU and I tonight

But like a great blonde dog you twitch to your dreams
And I have always let them lie

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