Saturday, March 15, 2014


Goodbye Goodbye
My Gray Pompadour
It was very kind of you
To let me sit so close even if
It was only all in a minute

I’ll remember how many we were
Each breathing on the other
And my rings caught your eye like hooks
And I smelled disdain on your face

Just know that I do not wear them for you

I wear them so that when I look down
I see mountains and mountains
A great pile of gods
That fell upon my hands

But this train this train
That glugs and pulls this weight
Tells me we should have met somewhere else
Not in dankness way down here
In this furrow this furrow

We are not rats and we are not dead
You are not even whom I suppose you are
I know nothing but I know one thing
Concerning you concerning me

And that is our four legs are all skinny like strings

But there is another now
One eye is colored brown and one eye is sea green
He wears a yellow knitted cap
And picks his nose as he reads

He smells like a log or rather a logger
But he has a kind and petaled chin
I should ask what he thinks of my rings
He perhaps could tell me all
I should know should know

Concerning you and me

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