Wednesday, August 07, 2013


And when I asked one night
Why don’t you love
me as I do

so sweetly
whispered back
You don’t love me as I am
It is an abstraction that I am
in your mind One I never will be
I do not eat paint or hear new woirds
I can’t ever won’t ever write a little book
Let alone a beautiful little one inspired by you
I won’t impregnate you inside of a creek because
you cannot be impregnated because I am sorry to say this
but you are a boy You always have been and you always will be
Your shoulders and neck give you away and your chin
I don’t want to give you my body so you can strip
all my meat and keep just my skeleton instead
by your daybed from the Ming Dynasty
I won’t wear the beads you string
for me because well I hate them
And I hate you because you
are the most difficult
person to talk to
I have ever

And so to that I shook back
Too true Too true Too
true Too true
Too true
Too t

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