Friday, April 12, 2013


Oh rough sister!!!
The world is wicked as a razor!!!
Cutting you down!! In the street!!!
Slicing your mind!!! Shining like a fever!!! Fire!!!
Hotter!!! Faster it crawls!!!
Madder!! Fiercer it growls!!!

Oh rough sister!!!
I am a mighty alchemist!!
I will fix us like gold!!! Like silver!!!
Lock the jewels beneath our tongues!!
Cracked!! Wracked lips bleed!!!
Heavy!!! Heathen eyes!! They beam!!  

Oh rough sister!!!
Lets steal the steads!! The wings!!!
Crush the men!! The rats under hoof!!
Ride hard!! Crazy souled!!
The sun!! The sun is queen!!!
Brighter!!! Whiter!! Her gasses shine!!

Oh rough sister!!!
I’ve got fire!!! Fire!! Fire!!!
And all the kingdom in mind!!!

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