Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sitting surrounded by men I love
Lew on the page and Otis in the air
And you tending to patrons with food and beer

I like your hat and the black you wear
And the way you stand but
Not the shoes you do it in

Go give them to the goblin that’s mad outside
She was in here last week goblining at everyone
And you stood like a great wall between her and I

And called the cops to come and gobble her up
And when they came they shoo’ed her away
Just as the bird I like to think she will be next life

I hope they all have next lives someday soon
That this one goes soft as smoke as from the cigarettes I give
Clean of the shit and piss in their pajama jeans

But back to you or dare I say us
I would like to know how you smell when you sleep
What the scar on your face is doing there

If you kiss boys or girls or maybe things like me
What you did or rather didn’t do to get yourself here
Waiting on people to come and then go

Can I tell you things that are absurd
Like how I plan to one day fly from the bridge
When I can’t stop the blood that crushes

That feeds the anxiety that lives in me
That I won’t ever ride with a poem so great
That the earth can’t stand my mind’s weight

That I haven’t written a salient or seminal one
In about as long as I have kissed someone
That I loved that I loved that I loved

And that perhaps I’ve never done either
All my years that have gathered like hungry cats
(I once wrote that and god how they will keep coming)

Have been for naught and nil a resounding nay
And I will perhaps forever feel as ridiculous
As this banana split looks sitting fattly in front of me

All pink and brown and yellow and white
Who wears those colors together at night
Would you give me your shirt to lay across it

So I won’t have to look at it let alone lonely eat it
Drape black across its eyes as death did Lew’s
When he disappeared with a gun into the woods somewhere

As death did Otis’s when his plane fell from the sky
He had then as many years as I do now
Don’t ask why I've not done with mine all that he did with his

I may need more time just as someone else once sang
I am on the same side as you/I’m just a little bit behind
If you don’t mind I will perhaps tattoo those words on me

Like a note one might leave on the mirror in the morning
Thank you for not washing your hands
Before you made my banana split

I love all the germs your body possesses
That is love and love is like a poem
If it is good then please some god let it come and then go on and on and on


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