Sunday, July 08, 2012


Months and months were wasted
And I would like to know why
Each day could have held kisses
Could have found my arm in yours
While we walked everywhere together
We could have breathed slow together in the morning
And moaned low together at night
Music could have played ceaselessly
And showers and naps would have been shared
While our friends’ calls went unanswered

I remember the sun was mounting higher and hotter
And I loved the grass greenly and growing
But neither knew our skins in relation to the other

You seemed to desire I guess every answer
While I wanted it all to be made bone bare
Then before a direction was decided
Our days’ names were none

Now I want to meet you years and years from now
I want to see your eyes and if they are not new but wiser
I want to trust that the night keeps no one else for you
And I want your window to be open when we sleep
Because I liked the wind when it waved in

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I just forget how much I love to hear your voice reading your poems to me... you have such a skill. I read them all in your voice. Love you.