Tuesday, July 03, 2012


So I hear the stars all died last night
Curious to think how it may have happened

Perhaps it was a great drowning
The sky and the sea as one becoming
As each is always the other mirroring
With waves and clouds licking and lapping
Until the stars’ lunges were brimming
And breaths were slowly ceasing

Or perhaps it was a great devouring
The cavernous galaxy mightily swallowing
In its billion year old empty hungering
And the sky from every side vanishing
Like black lips forever closing

Or perhaps it was a great attacking
At their necks and arms fitfully grabbing
In their breasts their hearts hard pounding
And every chamber inside exploding
And then to the ground plummeting
Where they were swept up like dust by the dawning
Without us even knowing

However it might have happened
I thought we might now find a hill (just us)
High enough and without obstruction

And climb (just us) into the gloaming
To see if the world when darkly ending
Could perhaps by chance be our beginning

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