Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Quickly now
From the kitchen
To beneath the bed
A teaspoon of blood
Speeds you it is all you need
It is enough to seize my eye
But mine is not the falcon’s eye
I do not wish to tear your prairie-colored hide

And as for
“Old Possum’s
Book of Practical Cats”
Ignore it napping on the shelf
I wont let it catch you annihilate you
Make a midnight snack of you like
This wicked world salivates to do of us all

For we two
Can be sisters
Sharing a room
At the top of a stair
In a house that creaks
High up to ancient stars
They can’t see us from far up there
Though it was they who put us here

Gently so
Taking care
With our small feet
Tucking us both into wombs soft and neat
To someday run and sniff at curious things
But regardless of how big we may someday grow

May we stay inside such precious little things

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