Monday, August 01, 2011


There the sky and there the water
Your feather moved, marrying the elements
And it was a gift to my eyes

It was a poem lost, escaping the page,
Written spinning in the falling air

A lock of hair, white and wise,
And the wind a gasp at the shock of the loss

It was a promise inspired, a loosened lesson,
Genius proof of some god’s hand

And the myths of the people,
(Those who once possessed this land with chants)
Found in you an explanation for creation

For your feather remains a frayed cloth
A shroud worn well and shed

For the emblem to bloom again
Circling shadow, enigmatic being

And water displaces all things,
A force invisible yet seen, never betraying itself,

Your feather escaped my hand
It moved from my life to another
And the sky closed my eyes, gifted

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