Monday, June 13, 2011

Cool Poem

I want to own a cool poem
I want to be a cool poet
I want to be the one
That everyone wants to be poet
The one that boys want to do poet
No more virgin poems poet
Watch them sleep when we are done poet
Sketch a poem about it all poet
Queerly hard yet soft poet
Tearly alone in my room poet
Write forget the womb poets
We are on our own poets
No poetry mothers can save us
But I’ll think of a poem for them regardless

Sometimes I see a petalled poem
Too easy to say it is a violet poem
But I often think in purple poems
And I wish to wear it as a dress poem
My hair a tangled mane poem
Then I am a horse poet
I eat sugar apple poems
And gallop out a wild prairie poem
Wait centuries till it is a city poem
Till the world is open and ended in a poem
And my feet are a bare-naked poem
Then take my own life poem
Slit a smile into my neck with a knife poem
Put a perfect hole into my brain with a gun poem
Come on daughter poem
Come on son poem

A cool poet once poeted
Cool poets don’t finish poems
They abandon

1 comment:

  1. I love this every time poem.
    A Good and Black poem.