Saturday, May 21, 2011


What is the America?
It is all food and sex,
The top of the pot boiling over orgasms,
Eating and coming life away.
Grinding the bones together
Like mortar and pestle with kisses
In kitchens and bedrooms,
To possess the knowledge
Of ingredients and legs,
The gluttonous pursuit of babes.
It is the warm release
of waste and love juice,
the flushing a vibration
that goes out in the world
to let them know we have it all.
The ringing from the mountain
Of the dinner bell and genital bell,
The exhibition on a platter
For healthy appetites
To lick and finger,
To swallow up and suck down.
And it is the power of the dollar
Made by horny hunger
And spent again and again
To fill holes, to feel whole.
By the night and in the morning
We consume it all and each other,
Never wondering whether
We will survive these pangs.

I eat water and do not share my bed.

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