Saturday, March 05, 2011

'Untitled (For Pablo)' Revisited

I have a river
And it washes my hands and feet
And it gives to me a world
Where I have love
And his name always changes
So I open my mouth against the surface
And it picks his name off my tongue
And I see his name there
And I see us in our young time
And I see the crowns we wear

Its bottom is a table
And the top undulates
Playing like a child
Perhaps our son or daughter
And I trace the four sides with my hands and feet
And I see a lit candlestick in the center
And the little brown and red things gather
And they all touch the tip of the lit candlestick
And pull away in laughter

And we are forever amid afternoon
With the morning done
And the night lying just over there

But I cannot sleep in the river
Like him
And I cannot eat of the river
Like him
And I cannot breathe just the river
Like him

So I leave him
So he will miss me
So all that he will ever be
Is a wish to see me

And there is a pleading line
Written down the river
And it reads over and over

“You can see we are always old
So let me move us quick
Off and away from it all”

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