Thursday, March 17, 2011

Untitled (Bird in Golden Gate Park)

Beautiful yellow-eye bird,
I do not know what you are
But you show your nature to me.
You are distrustful of me,
As you should be,
Because I might catch you
And keep you in a cage,
Or have you stuffed
And on the mantle you would stay.
You seem hurried by a need
For food or to procreate,
And while I am not sure what that entails
I am positive you do it in some way.
I do not know why your feathers are black,
But I see them used to flick the rain off
And I see them puffed to keep you warm.
You are perfectly quiet and neat,
But do you know you are not in the wild?
This place the city created,
It is not boundless and it is not true.
Are you so dumb? Are you just desperate for a home?
Are you so gullible? Is your nature really irrefutable?
Is it the thousands of years
That you have lived amongst us here
That has veiled your brain and holds you back
From searching for free land?
Still, I love you because
You stay closer to me
And you tell me more,

Than he ever will.

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