Wednesday, December 29, 2010


If you were in the sky

Would you look for me in the needle cities
And in the patched and quilted land
Would you lick the rain in the clouds
So I would know you when it fell
Would you tie a ribbon to a bolt
To be given to me when it struck
Would you fall quick and hard
To meet me in the morning
Would you hold the wind back by its hair
If I held a candle in my hand
To see in the dark or in my fear
Or when I kiss a child goodnight
Would you look forward to my future
And warn me of my demise
Would you keep it all blue
So the great mirror sea
Would forever remain the same
Would you drop snow in winter
To trap me at home with mother and father
And keep me protected from the world
Would you pick the pockets
Of the people in planes
And save all their things
For us to spend and hoard
Would you trace the time
And remind me when
To eat and sleep and think
I would trust and love you complete

If you were in the sky

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