Monday, November 29, 2010

Bath World

I take this bath for what it is
In the drop and on the steam

The people of a world
Sit and listen

And I do come clean
I tell them

I don’t think I like sex at all
No one wants mine

So I do not want theirs
I say I miss my home

The two black dogs
That live and play there

I miss the summer and the river
I hope I live in them again

I think I am a writer
A true wonder writer

I give them every reason
To think of me the same

I think I lost a lot
A long time ago

I turn the water over
(Do not say it is clear)

To look and feel for things
Perhaps were not ever there

And so now that it all floats
I rise up and out

Leave them laughing
Leave them roaring

The night it is so quiet
I am perfect now for sleeping

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