Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wedding Poem (For Mr. and Mrs. Nicholl)

From twisted towers we sometimes fall

Mortar and stone do fail us

As heavy human hearts

Land dull with sullen thuds

Disjointed and dispossessed

Flesh cracked desert earth

We thirst but only burn

Under a blind and bleaching sun

Unknown in strangest lands

We blink amazed in ruin

Rubble all around us

We stand up dusty and dumb

To trudge the heights again

But from twisted towers we sometimes rise

Shapeless silken scarves

Painted with flowers and fruit

Great gusts gather us

Two ends like two hands

Tied together tightly knotted

With every sacred thread

In its perfect place

We are ancient veils

That hold and hide pure truths

Unloosed and escaping

We do fly out of time

To skies forever wide with love

1 comment:

  1. The most beautiful wedding present. Thank you.