Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And so she sang “Jesus died for someone’s sins but not mine”

So much laid before her when she wrote those words in a cupboard

I believe it was in a cupboard because it had to be hidden

No one could know

Before it is a dumb and bound silence

But when it spins and the piano begins

She comes on the air like water

Too cool

Too cool

Too cool

The time between

then and now

The space between

her and I

Grows slow but ceaselessly

like fingernails

And the scratch in my throat

won’t go

All of America is outside tonight

But not one we want

We want to be windy and ribboned

With jewels sown inside our clothes

And when she sings “Jesus died for someone’s sins but not mine”

I put it in a jar and back in the cupboard

I peek at it every morning and night

I insist she wrote for me

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